169 Completely Pointless Facts

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1. A study found that many medicinal drugs can last decades past their expiration dates. However, aspirin and amphetamine lose their potency.
2. Researchers have designed an artificial intelligence that can generate convincing political speeches and arguments.
3. If you commit any crime at sea, you are considered a pirate.
4. People who hang out in the same group become more similar in their expressions of anger and gratitude over time.
5. Chipotle has a DJ on the payroll to curate its in-store music, which is why you won’t hear any Billboard chart toppers while eating there.
6. Japan’s low birth rates have caused about 5,800 public schools to close between 2002 and 2013, since there are not enough kids to fill them.
7. Roger Williams, the father of Separation of Church and State, wanted to keep the two separate to protect the Church, not the State.
8. Lifetime use of LSD is not associated with a higher rate of mental health problems or receiving mental health treatment, a study found.
9. Watching someone exercise on TV while you exercise can increase your heart rate, breathing, and sweat release, giving you a better workout.
10. By the year 2100, 77% of countries will be poorer as a result of lost productivity caused by hotter global temperatures, a study shows.
11. A study found that employees in colder office temperatures made 44% more typing errors than those working in a “comfortable” temperature.
12. For the past 15 years, the U.S. government has provided a plane to guide endangered whooping cranes on their yearly migration.
13. Studies show that the diversity that immigration provides in the U.S. leads to wage growth and higher productivity in STEM fields.
14. The oldest continuously operating brewery in the world is in Germany and it has been in operation since 1040.
15. Research shows that dogs are more likely to share food with friends rather than with strangers.
16. Listening to music has been shown to lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, increase concentration and even relieve pain.
17. Japanese universities hold memorial services for animals that die in laboratory testing.
18. A hound dog named Ludivine snuck out of her owner’s yard in Elkmont, Alabama and joined the town’s half marathon—she got 7th place.
19. Pirates wore eye patches to have one eye adjusted for the top deck and the other already adjusted for the darkness when going below deck.
20. Oreos have a 71 percent to 29 percent cookie-to-cream-ratio.
21. People who remain calm during stressful situations have higher rates of depression and obesity.
22. Writing goals down will significantly improve your optimism even six months later, and raises your success rates significantly.
23. People who are married may be more likely to survive heart surgery than people who are divorced, separated or widowed, a study reveals.
24. Rat sales in Britain shot up by 50 percent following the release of "Ratatouille."
25. The U.S. economy generates about $33 million per minute in income.
26. In 1935 when the US raised the top tax rate to 79% for those making over $5 million it only applied to one person: John D. Rockefeller.
27. According to a 2010 study from Cato, legalizing marijuana would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue annually.
28. Humans actually have 15 other senses which include things like balance, temperature, internal senses for suffocation, thirst and fullness.
29. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
30. Sir Ian McKellen claims that he would rather fight 100 Hobbit-sized Balrogs than 1 Balrog-sized Hobbit.
31. How to play the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean on your phone: 3566 6788 8977 6556 3566 6788 8977 656
32. The Pentagon has twice as many bathrooms as is necessary because when it was built laws required separate facilities for...
33. Middlesboro, Kentucky is built entirely within a meteor crater.
34. There are 7 different kinds of twins: Identical, Fraternal, Half-Identical, Mirror Image, Mixed Chromosome, Superfecundation, Superfetation
35. There are more than 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers, owned by only 3 corporations.
36. The letters used in "desperation" can be rearranged to spell "a rope ends it."
37. In 2008, a married couple in the UK realized they were twins separated at birth.
38. "Busy Life Syndrome" is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.
39. Psychologist George Stratton in the 1890s wore glasses that made him see upside down. After 5 days his brain adapted & t...
40. Humans are the best long-distance runners on the planet, able to beat horses (and everything else) in marathon distance races.
41. A report has found that Millennials are the gayest generation yet —7% of adults ages 18-35 identify as LGBT.
42. The mortality rate for colonoscopies is about 20 per 100,000 procedures.
43. The CDC estimates that cows kill 22 people a year in the U.S.—and 75% of those are known to be deliberate attacks.
44. The average person can accurately track 3-4 moving objects at a time, while an avid action gamer can track 6-7.
45. Missing someone and not being able to do anything about it generally makes people moody, easily annoyed and/or emotionally frustrated!
46. Technically, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” is not a joke, it’s an anti-joke. It’s funny because it’s deliberately not funny.
47. Laughter helps increase memory and learning. Incorporating humor into education leads to higher test scores.
48. Yoko Ono once brought a dead rat to a studio, and wanted the sound engineer to record it. They recorded two takes of the “dead rat solo.”
49. Ozzy Osbourne deliberately married his second wife, Sharon Arden, on the Fourth of July so that he would never forget their anniversary.
50. 14% of Democrats would forgive their partners for cheating, while only 10% of Republicans would.
51. Schizotypy is a mild form of schizophrenia where a person may demonstrate odd beliefs and behavior, but is not delusional.
52. A 61-Year Old Potato farmer won a 544 Ultramarathon because he continued to run whilst the other competitors slept.
53. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder — between 5% and 20% eventually die from it.
54. Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.
55. Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair and sat on the first one while writing much of the Declaration of Independence.
56. A woman donated a kidney to her boss, who then fired her when she took too long recover from the operation.
57. A surgery checklist with questions like, "Do we have the right patient?" and “What operation are we doing?” reduces deaths by more than 40%.
58. Bryan Cranston was actually taught how to make meth by the DEA in preparation for his role in Breaking Bad.
59. If the population of China began walking past you in a single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction
60. According to the Arab League Educational Organization, 1 in 3 people in the Arab world are illiterate, including almost 50% of all women.
61. Iran has one of the largest rates of "brain drain" in the world. Up to 180,000 specialists and academic elite leave the country every year.
62. "Busy Life Syndrome" is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.
63. Although our minds always want to minimize surprise and confusion, we’ll grow rather bored without a little disruption to our patterns.
64. Australians have the highest rate of gambling in the world.
65. *rick ross grunt* - me when im about to do a perfect chemical titration
66. Eskimos use refrigerators to stop their food from freezing.
67. Liechtenstein has an incarceration rate of 19 per 100,000—with its population of just 37,000, there are approximately 7 people in prison.
68. Psychology says that people who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain, both physical and emotional.
69. Meditation can help improve concentration.
70. Honey Badgers will sometimes castrate larger prey and then wait for the animal to weaken from bleeding.
71. Legalizing marijuana would generate $9 billion dollars in federal and state tax revenue annually.
72. Swear words are processed in a separate part of the brain from regular speech and they actually reduce pain.
73. American kids are not getting fatter. Obesity rates are holding steady and have been for 9 years.
74. Man-made dams have fish ladders to allow the fish to continue their natural migration upstream.
75. A study demonstrated that shoppers are willing to spend 30% more for an item if they first watch a sad movie clip.
76. There is a positive correlation between the number of Wal Mart’s servicing a population and obesity rates within that population.
77. Whenever a pirate stopped a merchant ship, it was not uncommon for a handful of merchant crewmen to join the pirates.
78. Whenever the king of Swaziland rises from his seat, he must be greeted with cheers and gasps of astonished admiration.
79. The English word “raccoon” is an adaptation of a native Powhatan word meaning “animal that scratches with its hands.”
80. The black pirate flag known as the "Jolly Roger" was originally a bright red French "surrender-or-die" banner known as the "Jolie Rouge."
81. For people over 60, light or moderate alcohol intake is associated with better recall of past events, according to a study.
82. Happiness is a by-product of the pursuit of success and meaningful goals, rather than successful accomplishments, studies suggest.
83. Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. For those who love with heart and soul, there is no separation!
84. Studies have proven that praise rather than criticism is the best way to help employees improve.
85. Rather than be captured, a defeated samurai would stab himself in the left belly, draw the blade to the right, then pull upwards.
86. Dehydration causes people to over think more frequently, however, being dehydrated also makes it more difficult to think clearly & positive.
87. A survey found that 23% of married or cohabitating couples slept separately on a regular basis, mostly due to snoring.
88. A study found that wearing clothing that’s more formal than usual causes people to use abstract processing rather than concrete processing.
89. Statistics from OKCupid reveal that people would rather date someone that is the same race as them.
90. Thinking in a foreign language makes decisions more rational
91. The creator of the board game Monopoly intended the game to demonstrate that monopolies are bad for society
92. Extraordinary experiences can generate unhappy feelings because others in your ordinary social group are unable to relate to your stories.
93. Missing someone and not being able to do anything about it generally makes people moody, easily annoyed and/or emotionally frustrated.
94. A new study found that babies learn more about an object or environment when they are surprised by it, rather than able to predict it.
95. Pirates spent their loot as soon as they got it, on account of their short lives—there are only a few documented cases of buried treasure.
96. Castrated men have a longer lifespan, ranging between 14 to 19 years more than castrated men.
97. Rats breed so quickly that in 18 months two rats could have a million descendants.
98. President Obama has personally thanked Japan for "karate, karaoke, manga, anime, and, of course, emojis."
99. In France, by law a bakery has to make all the bread it sells from scratch in order to have the right to be called a bakery.
100. A rat can last longer without water than a camel can.
101. 2/3 of all illiterate adults are female.
102. Pets can now get cosmetic testicle implants called Neuticles so that they can avoid the self esteem and trauma from castration.
103. DNA from identical twins will consistently melt at two different temperatures.
104. Try this! Put a finger in your ear and scratch, the sound produced is exactly the same as you are playing Pacman.
105. It is estimated that the entire power supply of Nigeria generates only enough electricity to power a single toaster for every 44 people.
106. Desperate for money? NASA will pay $15,000 to anyone who is willing to sit in bed for 87 days to research the effect of zero gravity.
107. No matter how good or bad you have it, wake up each day thankful for your life. Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs.
108. May is National Masturbation Month, and the 28th of May is celebrated as National Masturbation Day.
109. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol before writing can actually enhance your creativity.
110. 205 new countries would exist if all the active separatist movements around the world succeeded.
111. The Pirate Bay tried buying their own island.
112. In 2011, a man from Minnesota was arrested for converting a vibrator into explosive device and giving it to his ex-girlfriend as Xmas gift.
113. Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, mocked his captors until his ransom was paid, then came back with a fleet to kill them all.
114. Chinese courts have a 99.99% conviction rate, as measured in 2009.
115. The music you listen to affects, figuratively colors, the way you perceive the world.
116. The Pirate Bay tried buying their own island in hopes of making their own country with no copyright laws.
117. Worldwide, about 162 million adults use marijuana at least once a year, while 22.5 million use it daily.
118. The original Karate Kid is now the same age as the actor who played Mr. Miyagi was in the movie
119. At their current birth rate, there will be no South Koreans by 2750.
120. Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girl) and Tommy from the Rugrats were voiced by the same person.
121. David Palmer, U.S. president in the TV show "24," has an approval rating of 89%, while Barack Obama has an approval rating of 46%.
122. Studies show that parents tend to exaggerate how much joy they get from their children to justify the huge investment that kids require.
123. John Ratzenberger has voiced a character in every Pixar film.
124. In 2015, Coachella generated about 250 tons of trash.
125. The British Medical Journal called the one study that found a link between vaccines and autism "an elaborate fraud," and deliberately false.
126. Expressing gratitude in words or actions creates positive emotions in the giver as well as the receiver.
127. 90% of U.S. media (TV, radio, news) is owned by only 6 corporations.
128. When watching Netflix, if the quality is poor, press control+alt(opt)+shift+s. Change the bugger rate to 3000 for HD video.
129. When a person becomes more likeable because they are clumsy or make mistakes, it’s called the “Pratfall Effect.”
130. There is a hotel in Japan that has been run by the same family for 46 generations and nearly 1,300 years.
131. Hillary Clinton was elected president of her school’s Young Republicans chapter before she ultimately switched to Democrat.
132. If the U.S. can raise its 34.5% recycling rate to 75%, it will be the CO2 equivalent of removing 50 million cars from the road.
133. Humans can run multiple marathons because runners forget the intense pain of the marathon 3-6 months after the event, a study found.
134. Shout out to everyone acting extra irrational at 9.26 and 53 seconds today!
135. Go where your admired, not where your tolerated. If they dont appreciate you, its time to find people who do.
136. Each year, drug baron Pablo Escobar had to write off 10% of his cash holdings because of rats nibbling away at his huge stash of bank notes.
137. A woman who had a phantom itch so persistent and severe in her scalp, she scratched through her skull while she slept, damaging her brain.
138. People suffering from borderline or moderate depression tend to have a more accurate interpretation of reality.
139. Angelina Jolie had a female pet rat named “Harry.” She reportedly sometimes took baths with it.
140. The Yakuza operate openly in Japan: they have offices, make charitable donations, and even have large investments in mainstream companies.
141. A 2012 study revealed that, across time, societies that permit polygamy have higher rates of violence, poverty and gender inequality.
142. Johnny Depp ad-libbed the last line of the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, "Now bring me that horizon."
143. People who tell white lies form stronger bonds with peers and become more integrated into social groups.
144. Childish Gambino was given his name using a Wu-Tang name generator.
145. 68% of people in one study experienced "phantom vibration syndrome"—a sensory hallucination where you mistakenly think your phone is buzzing
146. In 2007 The Pirate Bay attempted to buy their own country, Sealand, to attempt to gain immunity from various copyright acts.
147. Ancient Egyptians had a 70% accurate method for detecting pregnancy: a woman would pee on some seeds—if they sprouted, she was pregnant.
148. Teens who misperceive their weight as overweight are actually more likely to overeat compared to teens who accurately perceive their weight.
149. Karate was originally called "te". It was later influenced by material artists from China and called "kara te" meaning "Chinese hand"
150. The Pirate Bay attempted to buy Sealand, a tiny artificial island micronation off the coast of Britain.
151. Alberta, Canada has been completely free of rats since 1905.
152. Illegal immigrants were hired to construct the border fence separating the United States from Mexico.
153. Psychology states that temperature can affect appetite. A person in a colder room is likely to eat more.
154. Couples who marry in January, February and March tend to have the highest divorce rates.
155. Ketchup flows out of a glass Heinz bottle at a rate of .028 miles per hour.
156. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude to others has been shown to make people happier.
157. Teenagers in East Baltimore rate their communities more negatively than 15-17 year olds living in Nigeria and New Delhi, research has found.
158. Wrap rage is an actual condition when you feel extreme levels of anger and frustration because you are unable to open product packaging.
159. In France, a "bakery" is required by law to make all of the bread it sells from scratch in order to have the right to be called a bakery.
160. Portland has a higher percentage of literate people than any other major city in America.
161. Study your notes within one day of taking them. Retention rates are 60% higher then!
162. Powerful people spend less time deliberating over what to put in an email.
163. Despite the focus on immigration the other way, Mexico has more American residents than any other country except the United States.
164. When boxer Manny Pacquiao has a fight, the crime rate in his native Philippines drops to 0%.
165. The spots on the planet with the highest amount of lightning are Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
166. You can get a rough estimate of the temperature by counting the number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds, then adding 37.
167. When boxer Manny Pacquiao has a fight, the crime rate in his native Phillipines drops to 0%.
168. Only 20% of employees feel strongly valued at work, while 80% feel poorly or moderately valued, a survey revealed.
169. Rapper Busta Rhymes voiced Reptar from Rugrats
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